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Case File: Maple Ridge

(Thriller / Horror)

The small town of Maple Ridge, Oregon deals with a number of gruesome murders in the forest where a National Park is set to open. Portland Police Detective Brian Walker is assigned to assist in the investigation of the murders his first day back on the job. Walker works alongside Maple Ridge’s Sheriff Matthew Latimore in effort to close the case before the park opens the following week. Things take an interesting turn when the investigation begins to confirm a local urban legend about a dangerous beast living in the forest. The only problem is; no one seems to want to believe the beast exist.

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Make Your Own Darn Good Cookies


Divided into five chapters, Make Your Own Darn Good Cookies presents over 50 proven ‘real food’ recipes that may leave you unwilling to eat a ‘store-bought’ cookie again. Written in the author’s accessible and engaging style, Don leads bakers and cooks of all skill levels through food and beverages that he makes enjoyable and easy to prepare. Also included are his stories, beverage pairings, and Tips & Thoughts on recipe preparation and modifications. You will surely impress your friends and family when you put your personal touch on a treat – and through this book, you may even be inspired to create Your Own Darn Good Cookies!

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The Inter-terrestrial


An alien scientist has a half-human "inter-terrestrial" son on the primitive planet of Earth. Aliens from neighboring planets (Mars and Venus) think they own the Earth and are adamant that it not be used by higher species without their consent. For twenty years, this alien father has been trying to figure out a way to get back to this forbidden planet to see his son, desperately looking for an opportunity to present itself. But how did this "inter-terrestrial" come to be? How has his human mother protected him on a planet where many people hate and fear what is different? And what role would this hybrid play in proving that humans are not inferior to our alien brethren?

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Sammy the Sea Serpent

(Kids / Series)

Escape to Sammy's fantasy world of epic adventures where creatures of all kinds can talk to each other and to people. From the depths of the sea to the mountain top on an uncharted island lives some unique creatures like the twin sea serpents with legs and feet. Twin sea serpents Agnes & Horace along with Eric the dragon manage to survive the Ice Age to wake up to a whole new world in the 21st century. Agnes and Eric's first child Tommy is born with the help of the local natives and Sammy is born 3 years later. Both children are unique with the body of a sea serpent just like their mother and with dragon wings just like their father. Even though Tommy is the oldest, it is clearly Sammy who is the leader as they embark on their many adventures.

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Song of the Fairy Queen


It's said of Fairy that if you're in dire need and you call their name they'll come. With his castle under siege and his young son in his arms, High King Oryan couldn't be in any more dire need if he's going to survive to regain his throne. Below on the stair came the sound of battle, the clang and clamor of steel on steel, the grunt and groan of men in combat as Morgan's men held the door. They hammered the invaders back and back, slammed the door shut and barred it quickly. It wouldn't hold long. They burst out into darkness as the wind whipped at their hair, their clothes, as it battered at them. Far beneath them in the courtyard below, the castle Guard fought a hopeless battle. Steel rang on steel, metal crashed on wood... Light flashed luridly, greenish and unnatural... Magic... Men died in the roar of those flames... Shouts, screams and desperate cries filled the air clearly even so high above. Oryan looked up to the dark night sky. To find it filled with gossamer wings...

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From His Perspective


A genuinely laugh out loud book' that starts with a big bang...actually it starts with THE Big Bang. It's a unique blend of humour, fantasy and history - think Terry Pratchett meets Douglas Adams and you'll get the general idea. From His Perspective is the story of The Boss and his hapless PA, Norbert, who work together, with their team, overseeing the Factory, better known to us as Planet Earth.

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Tie Me With Your Eyes


Two people can be on two different parts of the world, but when fate embeds its fingers their encounter is unquestionable. An invisible magnet pulls them to meet each other like two particles lost in universe. They can run but they can't hide. That's what has happened to the main caracters of this book. Will their love be so strong to survive all the impacts and presure that life brings? Will they stay together for good and enjoy the only sublime feeling that God gave us on birth?

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Environmental Health

(Kids / Poetry / Environment)

Environmental Health is a collection of poems about saving the oceans, bees and trees. It’s informative, important and a little scary. Cleaning up the environment SHOULD be a priority for everyone and this book illustrates why. Recommend for kids 11 and older. It would be a great addition to 5th or 6th grade classroom or school library.

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Employee Power


his is a book about the incredible source of largely untapped power which exists within organisations and companies today, namely your employees. It explains why this is the case and what to do about it. The main paradigm of the book is that employees are the most important resource for any organisation and should be treated as such; companies need more than ever to become employee centric.Both now and in the future, key themes such as autonomy, empowerment and employee engagement will become the foundations upon which companies will build competitive advantage. Building confidence and trust will become more and more crucial to success.

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Game of Survival (Fantasy)

Game of Survival is the first book in the Final Destiny Trilogy. In Kingsland, a Roma descendant named Thea must survive in a world where right and wrong don't exist and magic is not understood but feared. Where countless visions of a grim future speak of death and destruction, demons that inhabit not only the mind but the body as well. Here is a tale of an assassin trained in the arts of shadow and killing to protect the weak, a black swordsman who seeks to find a love once lost, a prince determined to make peace in a ruined kingdom; a bastard prince who tries to find a place in the world and a woman determined to fight through the patriarchal society to find her purpose.

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Women of Wine Country

(Mystery / Erotic)

A horrific tragedy leaves Isabella heir to a winery she hasn’t a clue how to run. Along with the winery, comes the bossy but gorgeous Cabe Brown. A man she needs if she has any chance of keeping her mother from destroying the legacy her uncle spent decades creating. However, neither Isabella nor Cabe is prepared for the unknown danger that awaits her. Join Isabella in her journey of devastation and struggle as she navigates California's beautifully lush Zinfandel Wine Country.

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Nobody Rides for Free

(Travelogue / Non-fiction)

Nobody Rides For Free: A Drifter in the Americas chronicles former bike courier John Hughes' rambles through Latin America on a bicycle. In this gripping mosaic-travellogue, readers are introduced to banditos, artists, grifters, would-be wives, dope fiends and attacking monkeys: a cast of characters who conspire to reduce him to alcoholic destitution. Nobody Rides For Free sheds light on obscure 1990s road culture while gearing itself to the needs of anyone with a desire to run from their demons on the open road.

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(Erotic / Thriller)

Anna is like a hijacked vehicle being driven by a reckless driver, taking her for a joyride then abandoning her with an empty tank, no memories, no clues and no dreams to help her navigate her way back to herself. The saying that ‘what we don’t know, can’t hurt us’, is far from accurate. If the truth sets us free, then what do secrets do? Our greatest fear is to lose everything as we reveal the truth, however, secrets only ensure that we lose it all. It is said that you need to lose yourself in order to find yourself. To let go of what is not real about you, so only the real can remain.

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