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About the record

Landslide was a rock group active on the London, ON scene from the late
80's to the early 90's. The sounds was guitar rock, heavy, sometimes

The members were:

Pete Dekoker - bass, vocals (63 Monroe, Osterberg, Hell N Keller)
Mark Andersen - lead guitar, vocals (63 Monroe)
Dan Miles - drums
Mark Jeftovic - guitar, vocals

This is their final record and only full length CD: Songs in the Key of Disaster. Digitally remastered (we actually kinda forgot that step the first time...) and now sounding even more kick-ass than the original CD did. It includes the regional radio hit of Summer/94 "Rock N Roll Cliches".

Listen now on your streaming service of choice....and turn it up LOUD you degenerate f***.

Track Listing

* Temple of Love
* Medicine Man
* State New State
* Multi-Media World
* Rock N Roll Cliches
* Crystalize
* Desire
* Cheap Now Baby
* Young Skinheads In Love
* EOA Blues
* Redemption Song (cover)

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