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Escape to Sammy's fantasy world of epic adventures where creatures of all kinds can talk to each other and to people. From the depths of the sea to the mountain top on an uncharted island lives some unique creatures like the twin sea serpents with legs and feet.

The series starts when the earth is inhabited by only 3 types of creatures: sea creatures, land creatures and creatures with wings.

Twin sea serpents Agnes & Horace along with Eric the dragon manage to survive the Ice Age to wake up to a whole new world in the 21st century. Agnes and Eric's first child Tommy is born with the help of the local natives and Sammy is born 3 years later. Both children are unique with the body of a sea serpent just like their mother and with dragon wings just like their father. Even though Tommy is the oldest, it is clearly Sammy who is the leader as they embark on their many adventures.

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Elayne Shore

Elayne Shore is a pen name used for a series of children's books as told to a little girl named Becky. Along with individual books are sub-series like the first one based on the true adventures of a cat named Trixie and her kittens. The current sub-series is pure fantasy and features a number of adventures by a family of sea serpents and other creatures.

Elayne loves to read and enjoys fiction novels of almost any genre. She lives in Houston, TX with her daughter and two dogs named Taffy snd Baby. Elayne's hobbies include painting portraits, crochet, photography, graphic designs and making collector dolls.
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