About the Book

Divided into five chapters, Make Your Own Darn Good Cookies presents over 50 proven ‘real food’ recipes that may leave you unwilling to eat a ‘store-bought’ cookie again. Written in the author’s accessible and engaging style, Don leads bakers and cooks of all skill levels through food and beverages that he makes enjoyable and easy to prepare.

Also included are his stories, beverage pairings, and Tips & Thoughts on recipe preparation and modifications. You will surely impress your friends and family when you put your personal touch on a treat – and through this book, you may even be inspired to create Your Own Darn Good Cookies!

What You Will Find Inside

Over 50 Recipes Including Signature Whidbey Island Baking Company Baked Goods and Special-Order Cookies

Some of Don's Personal and Family Recipes Including a Few Tasty Main Courses

Tips, Thoughts, and Advice on Recipe Preparation and Modifications

How to Make Great French Pressed Coffee and Your own Flavoured Coffee.

Don's Stories, Beverage Pairings, Bagpipe Music, and More!

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About the Author

Donald P. Scoby

Donald P. Scoby has lived in the Pacific Northwest since birth and was raised cooking and baking with his parents and grandmother between Seattle and Whidbey Island. Now a full-time resident of ‘The Rock’, his debut book shares his passion for the baked goods he has imagined & created and marks the new direction for his small business, Whidbey Island Baking Company. When he's not in the kitchen concocting some new recipe, you will probably find him following his other passion -- playing BAGPIPES!
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