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The small town of Maple Ridge, Oregon deals with a number of gruesome murders in the forest where a National Park is set to open. Portland Police Detective Brian Walker is assigned to assist in the investigation of the murders his first day back on the job.

Walker works alongside Maple Ridge’s Sheriff Matthew Latimore in effort to close the case before the park opens the following week. Things take an interesting turn when the investigation begins to confirm a local urban legend about a dangerous beast living in the forest.

The only problem is; no one seems to want to believe the beast exist.

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Christian Towers

Christian Towers was born in Orlando, Florida in 1994. Being of Puerto Rican descent, his family moved back to Puerto Rico shortly after his birth, where he was raised until the age six. They returned to Florida in the year 2000. Since a very young age, Christian showed a fervent interest for art and storytelling. At the young age of nine, he already knew he wanted to become a storyteller, using mediums like film, comics, and novels. After high school Christian studied to become a pharmacy technician, a job he worked for almost four years, before leaving it to pursue his career in art and writing. He currently lives in Orlando, Florida working as a caricature artist in the tourist district.
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