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Whether you already have an author website or blog, or are just getting starting with online book promotion you will benefit from having landing pages for each of your books. Book landing pages are highly focused sales pages for your books that use time tested techniques to create interest and motivate sales. You can link to your landing pages directly from your current author website or blog, in your emails, and from all your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. BookClout is completely free to try and you only pay if you decide to publish your landing page online.

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Create a Professional Landing Page for Your Book, eBook, or Audiobook in Minutes.

Create an account for free, choose a landing page design, follow the step-by-step setup wizard and you are done. Absolutely no coding required, no design skills needed. Hosting is included and you get a customizable website address.

Easy Landing Page Setup.

You don't have to learn a complicated drag and drop website builder just to build landing pages to promote your books. With BookClout you choose from a selection of professionally designed landing page themes and your book content (book cover, synopsis, reviews, and more) is automatically inserted to create a professional landing page for your book.

Landing Pages That Are Easy to Manage and Update.

Get started while you are writing your book by creating a landing page to capture email addresses from people who are interested in your book. Add a book cover mockup and replace it with the final version when it's ready with a few clicks. Add reviews as they come in. It's all easy to do from your customer dashboard. If you can fill out an online form you can create and manage book landing pages.

Your Landing Page Looks Great on All Devices Including Tablets and Mobile Phones.

All landing page themes are mobile friendly, which means they look good on all devices so you can be sure that if someone is viewing your landing page in their mobile phone that it will still look professional.

Link to Your Amazon Page or Anywhere else Your Book is Sold.

BookClout doesn't sell your book, but it does link to everywhere your book is sold online! Add purchase info with Buy Now links to all the places your book can be purchased online including Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Audible...anywhere!.

Start Building an Email Marketing List for Your Book.

Connect your book landing page to a Mailchimp email list in a couple of clicks and start building a book marketing email list. You can offer a free sample or chapter from your book in exchange for an email address and then follow-up with updates and sales related messages.

See When and Where Your Visitors Are Coming From.

Get visitor analytics for your book landing page including how many times your page was viewed each day and where in the world the visitors where located. You can also connect your landing page to a Google Analytics account to get even more detailed tracking info.

Try it Out For Free and Only Pay if You Decide to Publish Your Landing Page.

You can create an account on and create a landing page for free. You only pay if you decide to publish your landing page for others to see. Until then you can enjoy creating and playing around with all the different options at no cost.


You can try BookClout completely free. Create a free account (no credit card needed) and even create a landing page for your book, ebook, or audiobook for free. You only pay if you decide to publish your landing page online and make it available for other people to see.

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